Ghost in a Picture?

   There is an old saying that goes, "A picture is worth a thousand words". I am going to slightly alter that phrase based upon the images that I am submitting along with this article and say, "A picture with a ghost in it is worth MORE than a thousand words".
   I found this old time photo at my favorite antique mall here in Wisconsin. I opened up the backing of the frame, and, based upon the writing on the back of the picture, it was taken at a portrait studio in Milwaukee, Wis., about 1905.
   The oddity that I spotted within the picture is located on the little girl in the white dress. It looks like and resembles a human face under her right arm. There appears to be something branching out from her right arm as well.
   As you can see, there are two girls in the picture. I have attached three images of the picture to tag along with this article: One is an image of the entire picture itself and the other two are close-ups of the oddity in question. On the close-ups, you will notice that at one time, someone penciled around what appears to be eyes and a mouth, in sort of a doodling fashion.
   If you zoom in on the little girls sleeve, this is what you see.
   So what is it? Could the oddity located on the girl in the white dress be a so-called "third party" that wanted to get in on the picture? Perhaps a deceased relative of hers or maybe just a ghost that came out of nowhere? Or is there a rational, earthbound explanation for it? Strange photographic phenomena? You be the judge and decide. Any and all feedback is welcome.

The Study of Spirit Energy Versus the Soul

    One thing that has been on my mind since we started I.G.R.S is the definition or comparison between the ideas of what a "ghost" is. You see spirituality and science have an interesting relationship. They don't acknowledge one another but really, when you think about it, neither can live independently.  Science may be cold and calculating but without hope or faith that an outcome may happen there is no trial and error method. And in Spiritualism most are founded through a genealogy (for example the gospel of John or Mark and who their children are) of the world through history. Without this chronological order of events that may or may not me proven, Spirituality would have no basis in the modern world.
     But what is a spirit? Is it a cognative essence of a person complete with their past character traits and ideals? Is it a large mass of energy with nothing but recorded data of past events projecting itself through time? That's the real question isn't it? Answers will be different for many based on their own personal beliefs but for me, I feel it's maybe the combination of the two. Through the course of my research on paranormal sightings and encounters much of what I have experienced is through using science and the scientific method. This is not to say other methods such as spirit mediums and crystals don't work, this is my own personal way of documenting what I come-across. There is a link between entity's and energy as one needs the other (much like science and spirituality) to take action within out range of perception. Energy may be scientific, however, my research has also shown self awarness and intelligence when communicating with the paranormal. This level of self identity and ability to react to commands denotes life a self identity that by sciences standards should not exist.
     I believe that there is a place outside of our realm of sight or sound. A place that is flowing through time the same as us but at a much faster or slower rate (maybe both in flux?). This is not a "different dimension" it's the same Earth just at a different pitch or contrast running the same waves of sight and sound we use but at a different level. We should be looking into these "final frontier's" to truly understand what we take for granted everyday. Imagine if there were a whole species living outside our range of sight? It's entirely possible without anything to disprove otherwise. My study will keep going and if nothing else we will all find the answer eventually through the course of time.